Life is all about being a versatile athlete and Training in all realms of life.

I believe this strongly and so I love to be in school lifetime.. Always be a student .

In my career of Oriflame I have taken different Trainings daily and have implemented them to transform my life from What I was to what I am so with my experience I have launched a club TARASH
We work in team to train Consultants.

We Conduct different Trainings for grooming  communication skills. Business.

Team building.leadership development.

Trainings are either on line they Webinars or of line .

All Trainings are free or at a very minimal amount.

We all want to succeed in life.and manage our social and family life too. In our  Indian society men can handle it easily as they are more into earnings and less in house hold chores and upbringing of kids..but Women  are facing challenging situation to handle both and many times have to choose any one 

So Tarash can give a platform to make career and get trained and transform your life if u want.

I have a vertical platform My Udaan to empower women in different Trainings too as a social cause.

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A little lipstick always helps

Lipsticks are made from waxes such as beeswax.candililla Wax.Oils  Fats and colors

Most brands believe in testing on animals and using animals fats .

Oriflame is a swedish brand well known for color cosmetics.

But Oriflame believes in natural resources and  Oriflame is animal  and environment friendly company so we use natural resources and don’t test on  animals.
Multi benifit benifit lipstick in a wardrobe with trendy shades and rich long lasting Color intensity is guaranteed with Oriflame.

You can order on line with Oriflame on line ordering facility . This month Oriflame catalog Offers amazing schemes 

Oriflame products gives us experience of Elegance and Opportunity to work from home and with part time jobs and network marketing platform to develop self identity and enterpreuner goals.

Golden Jubilee of life at Golden Temple

I fullfiled my dream to travel solo and celebrated​ my 50th birthday at Golden Temple.with my own self..I love my company  Oriflame has not only made me more beautiful with Oriflame beauty products but have given me a chance to explore and create myself to an entrepreneur and a confident person .and Oriflame success plan us giving me big income and chance to visit exotic foreign destination every year. So I travelled to Himachal and Amritsar!!

Financial indepence gives us liberty to live life way you want.


Homemade Hair Cream Recipe(makes about 2 ounces or ¼ cup of cream)Ingredients2 Tablespoons shea butter (find organic unrefined shea butter here)½ Tablespoon coconut oil (find organic unrefined coconut oil here)½ Tablespoon olive oil (find a good olive oil here)¾ teaspoon jojoba oil (find organic jojoba oil here)¾ teaspoon sweet almond oil (find organic sweet almond oil here)½ Tablespoon pure aloe vera gel (find organic pure aloe gel here)⅛ teaspoon Vitamin E oil (find non-GMO Vitamin E oil here)15-20 drops of essential oils – I used 6 drops rosemary, 5 drops chamomile, 5 drops bergamot (find the organic essential oils we use and recommend here)

I will like to share few make up tips this marriage season 

We all love to apply make up but at times we are scared ..most important tip to apply Base .

Cleanse tone and moisture your face first than apply primer and than foundation..and it’s really important to choose perfect shade of foundation .never mess up ..choose shade exactlywhich matches the skin tone of ours . darker the tone darker should be the shade…In Oriflame we have wide range of choices in foundations . we have foundation.peach me glow.BB cream and CC cream..

I loved our new Gg Cc cream 

It’s really important to know how to store make up products 

So here I present